We are responsible money-lenders

We are responsible money-lenders

Stress Less Money is here to help you! We offer an online solution to solve your cash flow issues. We are responsible lenders because:

We want to build a mutual friendship with you.  It is in our best interest to ensure that you can comfortably repay your commitment, and on time. . This makes good sense for us, and for you.

We are transparent in the way we help you. We show you all costs involved in a small amount loan so you clearly understand how much you can borrow and how much you can repay without any foreseeable problems. See our loan calculator.

We want to stay in regular contact with you to help you understand your options and address any queries you might have.

We will NOT lend to you if we determine that you cannot afford the repayments or if doing so will place you in financial hardship.

We will NOT lend to you if the loan does not meet your requirements and objectives, or if it is for a purpose for which we are not prepared to lend (such as for gambling).